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    Hi samiki,

    Thanks for the help. Do you know how to change the plan i want to drill in. I choose the horizontal pocket. This will reference the bottom of the work piece. I want to drill on the left. I changed the angle to 0. But the spindle still drill in the front of the plan. Do you know how to change it to drill on the left. Really appriciate your help.

    Hi all,

    Do anyone know how to drill deep dowel hole with contour function instead of drill block. Can i write the program do it? do i have to change the setting in tool management? the tooling is setup as trimmer. its a 10mm bit and i would like to drill 10mm dowel hole as 57mm deep.


    thanks for the comment. I think the issue is not the program. Its more like machine side of thing. We did run multiple different programs. I think the whole setup got shifted toward Pined corner by 20mm on both X-axis and Y-axis. Someone told me that if i put a piece of plywood lean against the pin on both X and Y axis. The tooling should not cut them if the parts is relatively square. Except if i did a offset which is not showing in not in the program.

    Do you know how to bring back that 20mm? should i have tech come back and fix it?

    I am cutting a profile on the outside parameter of the wood. The wood piece is square and the machine only cuts 2 side out of 4. Do any people know what is wrong with the program? The machine is only cut on the side where it starts and also the side follows it. The other two side is not cutting. We checked program and did multiple test but still unable to find the issue. Anyone could help here really appreciate.