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    I'm trying to set more then 2 values in one condition is that somehow possible?

    what I'm trying to do is if my Part Dec value is Left Side, Right Side Bottom Shelf, Top Shelf it should show the Text but i only can have two values is there a way to have more then two?
    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Chrisnyc,

    I think you cannot set more than 2 conditions for a form or a label. What you could try alternatively is to set up a cutting list rule, which generates a value / text in a text field based on the rules you describe above. Then you only need to use one condition which would refer to the value generated in that particular field.


    • Chrisnyc
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      ok thanks Optimal, i'm very new to cut rite could you help me with a example cutting list rule?

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    Hi Chrisnyc,

    sorry, I was not online for a while.

    Assuming that you have previously set up an info box called "Visible", then the cutting list rule would look like:
    Cutting list rule.jpg
    Now the info box will be filled wiht a "Y" automatically if either one of the part code matches. In the label editor you now base the condition on the content of the "Visible" info box.