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Error in MPR after going through DXF Import Professional

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  • Error in MPR after going through DXF Import Professional

    I run a DXF through import professional and it gives me the following error: 5.Macro: Frasen, Failure: Processing past starting point on open contour.

    Now when in the mpr if I just go and re select the starting point the error goes away, doesn't make sense to me. These are not closed contour elements and I think this is why its doing it. I feel like it shouldn't matter and there should be a way to stop from generating this error when going through converter and creating mpr I just am not sure what I need to add into the converter to take care of this error.

    See attached mpr as example.

    Any help here would be great.Thanks
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    The problem is that the parameter "Forwards" is deactivated but the tool is running forward.
    If you select one time a start point you will see that the parameter will become activated.

    The basic problem is the DXF import: Here you can define which parameter should be defined. The parameter name for the DXF import prof is "p.RI=1".
    Please check this. I am sure that in your conversion rule the parameter is set as "p.RI=0".
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      Yeah I have it turned on in the DXF import. I am thinking that it may have to do with the way the engineer draws it and the software they use. Some drawings pull in juts fine and others don't. i think i can make do for now. Thank you for your help.