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  • BPP5 pro machining order

    Good morning all, I need help with the order my programs come from bbp5 pro to woodwop to make one process start before another. I've tried switching the order of the layers in cad, I've tried switching the order in bbp5 and I've tried adding PRIO numbers in the result line in bbp5 and nothing changes. What am I missing?

    Thanks Conor

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    The "PRIO=" should work. I am not sure what order your trying. However in DXF import there is a box before each "Expert" which is your sawing, freely-defined macros, contours, vertical drilling etc. In those boxes there should be a number. By changing these numbers you can change the order of these experts as to which one will be placed in the mpr first. Inside those experts is where you enter your "PRIO" sequences. These will sequence the functions inside that expert and the expert sequenced by the box. The larger the number the first in sequence. for example:

    1000 Sawing = 1st in mpr
    900 Freely-defined macros = 2nd in mpr
    800 Contour / contour processes =3rd
    600 Vertical drilling = 4th
    400 Horizontal drilling = 5th

    Based off these numbers this would be the order stuff would show up in the mpr. Then like I said inside those experts you sequence the order of those functions by PRIO

    You will have to remember though that the machine may still not run in that order even if it shows correct in the mpr. That is all dependent on the optimization mode you are using for that machine.

    Anyone correct me here if I am wrong or missing something but this is what I have been doing and has been working. Sometimes you just have to play with the numbers you use.

    This website has helped me with a lot of other stuff too, thought I'd share if you hadn't seen or use already. Hope this helped. Good Luck