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Want to turn big cutouts for BHX200 into tabs

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  • Want to turn big cutouts for BHX200 into tabs

    Hello everyone,

    We have a BHX200 and anyone who is familiar with these know that big pocket cutouts for vents, grommets, or glass door cutouts has to be turned into dust. I am wanting to save us some time by instead of pocketing all of this out make tab routs instead. basically i want to rout through the part in intervals around my cutout leaving sections say 2 inches or 50.8mm wide with say 1-2mm of material left in the thickness. We would then take a hand router to route out the rest of way.

    The kicker here is that I do not want for my engineers to have to redraw anything. So trying to utilize the DXF pro converter to take their route layer they have drawn currently and do the tab routes. so it would always have to be based off of the geometry in the dxf because they change with every different size etc.

    Please please please if anyone can help that would be great. I have attached a dxf that i am currently working with. I would like to do something with using a component but it would havve to be parametric and adjust per different dxfs etc.

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