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Problem posting to Weeke BHP 350

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  • Problem posting to Weeke BHP 350


    I am trying to send files to our WEEKE BHP350 through Aspire.
    The program allows me to save the file using HOMAG Weeke MPR post processer,
    but when I open the file in Wood Wop 4.5 it opens as a ply file with error messages
    and no drawing as seen in the attached screen shot.
    Any help with this matter is appreciated as we are trying to find an easier method
    of sending simple 2d drawings ( for our Corian countertops) to Wood Wop other than drawing them in Wood Wop itself.
    We bought our machine used and do not have the Wood Wop dxf converter.

    Please help

    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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    Thank you

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    Hello Jack,
    when Aspire creates ply files then save it in ml4 folder.
    On Weeke machines you find the folder in C:ww4/ ml4
    But easier it will be, to get a dxf converter because after a while it will mess up your ml4 folder, because WW4.5 will not allowed you to create directories .
    Hope this will help you.


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      'jack' isn't a person, it's a bot. the links at the end give it away.


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        You need the mpr output from Aspire too. mpr goes into the MP4 file. The MPR file looks for the PLY-file...