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    I'm new to our Torwegge door milling machine with Woodwop5.

    Trying to figure out how to automate the NC feed in best way. Read some articles here and today I tried the Production List. And I got it to work, tried to use some varibles in the list. Have read topics here I found that I can make my list through Excel/vba or VB just to make an list file, syntax was quite easy.

    But for each new row I need to push button on panel to start next there some other way arround to go into a higher automatic mode, start the list and just feed the machine?

    Can I use some other commands through VB to call for Woodwop or can I feed in the NC code without Woodwop?


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    where did you found the information about excel?


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      Found it in archive forum

      Opening an .lis file in Notepad shows also that the syntax is easy to create a file out of Woodwop and just opening. But I would like to automate more...just feed the machine and new nc program loads in without need of pushing buttons to confirm....any idea?



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        Here is few pictures how you can make production list, barcode list or cutting list in the microsoft excel.
        Production list runs automatically in next row, just put new part in the machine and push start button.



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          Hi Samiki!
          Really nice work!

          I see that you are quite fine using 5 out of 10 possible variables for a list.
          Today I made some analysis showing that I might not manage with 10 variables...I'm now thinking of mayby generate an mpr program for each production row...

          Thinking of just look into an mpr with each components and search for the insert points...have you done something like that? I got the insert points calculated from my erp...



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            the Excel version in the pictures is old. Sure, it is still useful to use, for example, in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing. All the necessary parts in one file, with one tab of cabinets and the other on the desks etc...

            Each time you add a cabinet or desktop, Excel prints the information needed for two or more tabs. The barcode and the production list are printed. The production list can be stored directly in the folder of the machine (... a1 / lis) and the correct folder depends on which machine has chosen for the job. The list also receives the order number directly and is saved in that folder name.

            Each cnc machine has a rfid or barcode reader that opens a list when a production card is read.

            There is no need to add variables at this point. Part information x / y / z and two variables are sufficient. With two variables and two markers already give 100 * 100 = 10000 possibilities, so it is enough: D

            The second reason for this is the length of the barcode that is growing, although if using the code128 entry it will be shorter when printing, but there is no need for it.

            Of course, several variables reduce the number of programs, but at the same time they would be more complex. However, it is easier to create a new program and keep the programs simple. The number of programs does not matter because they open automatically.

            Attached with a few pictures of other solutions such as exterior doors and furniture doors. These programs control multiple variables and the programs are a little more complicated.

            So you should consider what you are going to do. A lot of simple programs or a few complicated programs.



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              thank you, interesting discussion.
              Today I found out that every component consists of several blocksmacro which calls for sub nc program.

              These nc makros, is there any program to help to get the nc code? Of course not only to copy and past...but some help could be useful...

              When you read your rfid or barcode, is that to an Homag program? Went through C: and noticed that there some other .exe programs...