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  • Software frustration

    There might be a error here. We are doing a lot of holes.. After a certain number of holes this fail occurs when running the program.

    Can i do something to cheat out more holes faster - Sometimes it is around 20.000 holes for just 1 program.
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    You do 127 holes in X, but with 6 drillers(?) its not possible to do.
    Like 6x21=126 +1=127...

    Wait until the first row is ready and look what´s going on..



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      Optimation makes it use single drill ether way. The program i am using for this is normally a variable program with a blok macro. the one attatched is just a simple example of the error.


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        Update: As it is right now i have made a new program with 4 blocks that can be used up to around 10.000 holes. Optimized drillings takes 3 houres just to generate, and it is still not optimized right..
        More on that in another topic. - I have contact with a danish HOMAG program specialist.


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          Update 2: After still not getting the result i would like, i made contact to support, and was redirectet to a german guy that would like to test a program called "IntelliDrill". Going from generating NC codes in 3 houres, to LESS than 1 second! - Of Course it's a test program, so i will update again later.

          But it looks promising .


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            From Inventor I have saved a part as a .DWF file (it shows it as .dxf in the saved location) and it opens as a .dxf file on TrueView (I am not familiar with trueView, but it seams to be the default program for the .dwf file) Can anyone tell me if or what I need to do to convert it to a .mpr file or another file I can open using woodwop.


            Dan C


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              DanC - files-> import -> CAD -- The DXF has to be in a older format than 2018. I do not know why...

              Last update on this toppic:

              We did not have any luck with the software "IntelliDrill". The program was way to hard using with fixture, and moving around. In the end the company invested in a Vitap acoustic machine. 55 holes drilled in 4 seconds.. As always: "Right tool for the job"