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New version crashing - graphics card

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  • New version crashing - graphics card

    One of my customers has just upgraded to v12 (is this Woodwop 7 ?) and they say that they are getting constant crashing.
    They are saying it might be the graphics adapter which is an Nvidia GTX 1080Ti .
    I called Homag and they got me to check compatibility which came back ok.

    Anyone else think it might be the graphics adapter? The customer thinks the adapter needs to be Autodesk certified, which in Nvidia terms means a Quaddro.


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    Some context would help. Crashing is too generic. Is it a BSOD or something else? That video card is WAY more than capable and uses the same drivers as a Quaddro card would.


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      You're completely right - I will try and get a screenshot and post back.


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        Here is a screen shot of the crash provided by the end user. They say this happens on both machines (identical spec) several times per day. I have updated the Nvidia drivers to the latest (March). The machines are 7th Generation Core i5's, 16GB RAM, SSD.


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          Every google I get comes up with an AutoCAD error involving digital signatures.

          "This error occurs when certain files become locked during the uninstall/reinstall process. To reinstall AutoCAD correctly: Disable Digital Signatures: On the Windows Start menu, enter acsignopt in the Search programs and files field and press Enter..."

          Found at...

          I highly doubt it has anything to do with the nVidia drivers.


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            That's really helpful. I'll give that a try