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Lag and Hanging when opening programs

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  • Lag and Hanging when opening programs

    Currently employed at a table top manufacturing company that has several CNC machines with Edge Banding aggregates.

    When using WoodWop 6 and newer, when a a component exists that is multi-layered deep, WoodWop slows to a crawl. When opening task manager, it shows just one core, being pushed to the limit. For example, we have a "KnifeEdge" component, that puts a bevel on the board. There are 6 different types of KnifeEdge and we have a multi layered component set up for ease of use. Enter the type of edge in the variable field, and WoodWop will use said parameters to pick up the appropriate tool and perform the routine.

    So we have the baseline routine > knife edge component > each separate parameters for our bevels. Anything one or two layers deep, there is no issue. Beyond three, and WoodWop slows to a crawl.

    That being explained, does anyone know of a way to enable multi core support for WoodWop? Or have any idea as to why this is happening? I feel as if it is the amount of information being processed and the 3D graphics incorporated into 6.0 and above. We have several machines with 5.0 that have zero issue with these components, just our 6.0 and our most recent one that has 7.0 on it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and/or help.

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    I was told by Stiles at one point that I shouldn't ever have more than three 'layers'. Components in components in a main program is as deep as the software was intended to go.

    I recently got a PC upgrade that took me from 5 to 7.1 (woodwop) and have experienced a log of lag and software hangs like you describe but in different situations. I think the addition of the 3D interface is the culprit not because it takes more computing power, but because it's poorly optimized for newer PC's.

    I miss woodwop 5 to be honest, everything was just so much faster, even on a far less powerful PC.

    IF you can do it, turn off the .mprX features and run just .mpr files in 'compatibility' mode for the older versions. I find that any of my old programs from 5 load, edit, and compile MUCH faster than the new 6.1 and on programs that use the mprx file extension (and capabilities).


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      We have zero problems, even with the same program, in woodwop 5. 3 out of our 6 machines run woodwop 5 and can open, close, and make changes to programs with no problems. Woodwop 6.1 is on 2 of our machines, and 7 on our newest. the lag is far worse on 7 than it is 6.

      I strongly feel that Woodwop is only using a single core to make its calculations and process information, on top of the 3d render. We have multi core processors in the newer machines, and they all struggle, the newest has an i5-6400, and it struggles the most.


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        Glad to see HOMAG gives a shit about their products


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          you can be sure that we are to happy about this situation. And yes you are right: At the moment woodWOP is not working on 64 Bit and therefor it is not able to calculate on several cores.
          But we now this and we are working on that issue.


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            Will any future improvements be offered in any way as compensation for those of us that made the mistake of upgrading? My woodwop 5 software (including all associated software that runs the machine) ran circles around my upgrade to 7.1 and I'd give up the additional features of 7.1 in a heartbeat to go back to the speed of my machine that was based on 5. Even turning the laser projection on and off cripples it like never before.

            It also appears to not be aging well. The longer I've had it (since November of 2017) it seems to slow more and more each month. Perhaps a software bug that needs to be squashed causing memory leaks or excessive hard drive access?


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              hi Steve, have you ever contacted the HOMAG software support or your HOMAG salesman? Your problem seems not be regular.


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                I'm accumulating a list of software issues and will be reaching out to Stiles shortly.