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Import DXF file directly to Woodwop

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  • Import DXF file directly to Woodwop

    Dear all
    Is it possible to import the DXF file that has been layered directly to Woodwop? Currently, what we are doing is
    1. Drawing Autocad with Layer
    2. Open the file and convert through DXF importer
    3. Save the file in the server
    4. A guy in front of the machine pull the file from the server
    5. Run the machine
    I would like to cut process no.2 but it seemed like the machine cannot find the DXF file
    Please kindly help me, I'm quite new to Homag machine

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    Hi Phak,

    with the DXF Import professional you can convert several DXF files automatically to MPR. You can test it because the pro version is installed automatically an can be used 50 times. Just have a look in your DXF Import screen. There you will find this feature.


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      Hi Holzking
      Thanks for your advised, I guess that mean I have to pass through DXF-Importer anyway.

      By the way, I'm not sure if there are, any chance that I can import the sheet of CAD that has several part in one shot?

      Since our engineer when they create the Production drawing, they create all part in one page to see if all the dimension and parts
      are fit together or not, like the picture I attached. Then the guy at the shop floor will copy the part to separated cad file then convert it to MPR

      Moreover, where did the people in this forum learn these stuff?
      I have wandering through some topic here and have no idea what you guys talking about

      Process example.png
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