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Posting to Homag Weeke using dxf method

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  • Posting to Homag Weeke using dxf method


    Although I own a Homag-Weeke BHC350, I've made a habit of running most Aspire projects on my MultiCam router because of the inconvenience of working with PLY definitions. I use AutoCad in everyday programing of the Weeke. If anyone is familiar with with that process, it is fairly straight forward. Weeke provides a post processor (dxf-bpp) that works with AutoCad by layer name conventions. By assigning layer names in AutoCad you can controll what tool is used to process the geometry of any objects drawn on that layer. After saving an AutoCad drawing as a dxf file, you simply import it into WoodWop (using WoodWop's dxf-bpp post) and automatically have tool number assigned to operations. By using this method you solve all ATC issues as WoodWop handles that for you. This would work seamlessly with Aspire if Vectric could provide a post that simply output geometry as a dxf file with assigned layer names. The layer names look confusing at first but in fact are very simple. A typical example of layer name is: FK2T128R. Broken down as follows: "FK" stands for a router operation with a plunge entry, "2" stands for a Z dimension of 2mm above the bed or relative to the geometry (more on that later), "128" stands for tool number 128, and "R" stands for right hand compensation. With this layer name assigned, any vector drawn in AutoCad on the FK2T128R layer would come into WoodWop with tool 128 plunging into the work and cutting to the right side of the line at a depth of 2mm above the machine bed. I use this technique daily not only for simple 2d geometry but also for complex 3d geometry. The following project was done without any cam software, only contour lines from Rhino exported as AutoCad dxf files and imported into WoodWop using the dxf-bpp post as described above: picasaweb. ... directlink When importing 3d geometry, layer names are set to FK0T### which allows the router to follow the 3d geometry as a center line, Because there is no L or R at the end of the layer name there would be no left or right compensation for tool geometry. Because depth is set to 0 (FK0...) the tool will cut at the depth described by the 3d geometry. And any object drawn on this layer will be processed with tool number "###" So, the point of this discussion is to request a dxf output post, Is that a possibility? I think it would solve many of the issues others have fought with in other discussions.

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