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Problem with Venture 114M

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  • Problem with Venture 114M


    We got a new Venture 114M a couple of months ago and everything was working fine until last fridag.
    When i noticed that when you mirror something on field 1 the holes don't align. (so i had to drill a couple of holes from 2 sides, so i drilled it normally and then turned it around and mirrored it on the pc).
    The result was an offset of about 1-2 millimeter, so i tried it again and it had the same results.
    I olso tried it on other fields but htere was no problem.
    So is it a problem in the software? because the only time it isn't accurate is when you mirror something in field 1.
    If it's not in the software does anyone has any idea what it could be?

    Thanks in advance,

    Pim Bekkenutte

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    I am working with a Venture 114M aswell. Could you attatch your program, then i'll take a look at it.


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      I would not be shocked to find out it's software. I do blocks of horizontal spiral holes and despite being programmed properly they don't locate properly. Consistent, but incorrect.