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  • snip edge collision check

    Does anyone know how to set a collision check in woodWOP for the snip edge tool. Tool ID 320 combo front end trim saw. We had a part that had a notch cutout of the edge toward middle of part. The distance of this notch is tool small for this tool to physcially fit into and snip both inside edges. It ends up coming down on top of the board and well you can picture the rest. I know I have to come in with a left hand a right hand router bit as to not tear out the banding since the snip edge unit will not fit inside this notch. What I need is for the nc generator to give me an error saying you can't place a snip edge here because it will crash the tool into the panel etc. Does anyone know how to set this and where the change needs done?

    When I go to the tool selection in woodWOP and click on this tool it has information as to what the radius is, rotation, speeds, tool changer, place, whether its available or not and then last one says "Minimum spacing" which is set to "0". I am wondering if this needs to say for example 300 or whatever the actual aggregate as a hole measures with some clearance added as well? If so where do I make that change? I tried in the "db" folder under the wz_db85.txt not matter what I changed this did not change.

    Please help! There should be a safety set up so it does not allow myself or an operator to make a silly mistake like that again.


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    There is no collision check in woodWOP for tools. There are so many different situations especially if the dimension of the raw piece changes by removing material, e.g. cutouts, profiling, ..
    Each time you a new collision situation.
    To avoid collision there is the simulation software "3D CNC simulator" (WEEKE) or woodMotion (HOMAG).

    The parameter "minimum spacing" is used for the suction device recommendation. Here you can force woodWOP to keep the tool away from the suction cup (see attachment).
    This parameter is not valid for saw aggregates.
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