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Why don't my components update in 'end' program?

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  • Why don't my components update in 'end' program?

    Using WoodWOP5 now 7.1, if I make a change to a component and save it, shouldn't those changes be automatically updated whenever I load/run a program that contains those components? I have to reload them (and there are a lot of them) every time I make a change so that the 'end' program uses the updated component.

    I assumed that was one major advantage of using components is that a single change to the component would be reflected in all the final programs that use it.

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    the component is updated for the machining process, but the variables are not updated because there is a clear reason for this.
    When a component is usually controlled by variables and in the various main programs where the component is placed, these values may be very different. Variables may include, for example, the tool number. Now if you change this variable in the component and it updates everywhere, there may be problems.

    Another clear example could be the component in which a circular hole is machined. In the component you can adjust this hole diameter and use it in several main programs. Now, if the variable value is updated, you have to check every time that value is valid at any given time.



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      Then I also understand why and can tell the operator.

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    After doing a lot of testing I came to that end result as well. I actually want the variable changes to effect the end program but it seems as though I'm going about things the wrong way. At least now I know it's by design and not a software error.

    Thank you for confirming my results as well.


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      You can define how woodWOP should recalculate variables in components. Have a look in the woodWOP help file and read the chapter "variable list".

      Regards, holzking
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