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Woodwop 7, horizontal pocket - shorten lead in?

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  • Woodwop 7, horizontal pocket - shorten lead in?

    Hi everyone, I have to router a groove in the bottom of a door and the easiest way to do this, is to use a horizontal pocket. It is 1800mm long x 7mm in height x 20mm deep. The groove has to be stopped at either end because it cannot be seen. The only problem I find, is that the lead in of the cutter takes forever to actually machine the material. The groove is so long, that the lead in point is by default, in the centre and the lead in, then travels all the way along the groove until it reaches the end of the groove 900mm later and starts to machine into it. My question is, is there any way to shorten this lead-in? I've looked within the further setting of the horizontal pocket macro, but I can't find anything that will help me. I lose alot of machining time this way.

    Thank you for any help, or advice

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    There is no way to change the lead in point. The "horizontal pocket" processing is defined by sub-programs.
    I would recommend to program the pocket as a contour and process it with the macro "horizontal routing". Here you can influence the lead in like you want.

    Regards, holzking


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      hi mark
      You can try to take the bag "milling bag with A-angle".
      set the a-value to 90.
      in this macro you have the advantage that you can enter the feed in z-delivery.
      just try it.