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Vertical drilling - tool no VS diameter

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  • Vertical drilling - tool no VS diameter

    First of all I would like to say Hi to everyone as it is my first topic on this forum.

    We work on two Homag machines (Vantage43m - Woodwop7 and Venture316L and Woodwop6)
    On Vantage43M, when programming vertical drilling I can put drill diameter to make it work.The issue I have is that on the other machine Venture316L I have to pick tool number. Whenever I pick drill diameter option I get an error (even if tool number reflects correct drill diameter):

    "No appropriate spare Tool available"

    So the question is how can I solve this? Is it in WZ_DBE or WoodWop itself ? Workload shifts form machine to machine on daily basis and operators find it quite annoying changing every single vertical drilling process. Only solution I found so far is to insert a tool code parameter in Variables section. Just to mention horizontal drilling work fine.

    Many thanks

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    Check in the tool bank which tool mark is set in the drill. there is a difference between identifier 60, 61 and 62


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      Unfortunately, this won't make a difference.