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BAZ automatic pods movepart component

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  • BAZ automatic pods movepart component

    movepart_2.mpr movepart_kf.mpr


    We have a BAZ 322/40/AP that is equipped with the automatic pod placement function. Now there is a component for x move and y move which is supposed to move that pods mid program. For instance we have a panel that gets two parts routed out of the panel. We then after routing parts out want the rails to move over in the x to separate one part to allow for the glue head to come in and glue both parts. We want to do this so we do not have to remove the parts and run a second program just for banding. I have had issues getting this component to do what we are wanting and I am wondering if anyone is familiar with this in WoodWOP 7.

    I am honestly not real familiar with the component so everything has been trial and error/mostly error. I am not sure what exactly the X_PARTOF, STARTCON and AMOUNTC stand for/do/what i need to input in those slots. i have an example of my program and the component that i have been playing with and renamed to _kf as to not overwrite the original.

    Any help would be great.