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Halftone in WoodWOP

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  • Halftone in WoodWOP


    i have no idea how to get halftoned image to WoodWOP 7.1:
    1. i get g-code of halftoned image, but dont know how to correctly import it in woodwop (it is possible?)

    2. than i tried import dxf version into WoodWOP, problem was that if number of contours are more than 3500, than WoodWOP crashes
    OK this version will be good and i can seperate drawing to several parts by 3500 contours, but then is ONE more problem - layer name in AutoCAD i use F_Pocket_3, and in woodwop it creates counterclockwise direction, but i need clockwise (is there possibility to change it to all 3500 rows together ?)

    perfect will be if g-code works, because there are different Z cuts, if not than dxf with pocketing
    all this will be cut in plywood, approx dimensions 4x2 meters

    example in attachment what iam talking about +/-