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  • Suction device recommendation

    Hi everyone,
    Maybe someone know how to change suction device recommendation parameters? For example i want woodwop to generate maximum 6 consoles AND max 3 clamps on each console.... And also I am curious if there is a possibility to check if there isn't any damage for clamps (maybe I can create some rules for woodwop and it could output an error if I try to generate program which trims through the clamp)

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    If you want full control of the maximum of beams and cups, you have to make a Sup programme where you can easily adjust al the positions and amount of clamps.
    The control if a clamp is in the tooling path can be done with the wood motion programme. if you simulate te piece with wood motion you get to see if there will be a collision or not.

    best regard


    • Karolis
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      Editing a comment
      I understand that i can see with tool display, but I want to woodwop to drop e.g. a message box to alert me if there will be collision.. And by making sup programme do you mean just to create a component? I asked about "suction device recommendation" MACRO, because it inserts clamps in positions where there isn't any through workpiece processing