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  • Network Licence Server

    Hi all
    We have a network licence server setup with 2 floating users, however we have WW7 installed on multiple pc's. When both licences are in use we get 'test version' appear on the splash screen (so we know both licences are in use), however in the licence server there doesn't appear to be a way to find out WHO is using the licence (username, IP, etc).
    Does anyone know a way to find this out?

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    The license server is writing log-files. Maybe this log-files contain information about the user name or IP-adress. Check the folder C:\ProgramData\Homag Group\LicenseServer


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      Hi Martin
      Thanks for the heads-up. There is a LicencesUsed file in that directory that logs the IP connected.
      In my case, our main WW7 PC had consumed both licences, but when you started it on that PC you still got test version. Restarting the licence server app didn't correct it either, I had to rename the file while it was closed and let it recreate. We occasionally have network dropouts so I'm guessing that the cause.

      Thanks for your help.