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  • swivel aggregate usage

    Is anyone willing to help me out setting up and using my swivel aggregate?

    Self taught but strong 4 axis abilities but the swivel hasn't been needed for my four years on the Homag. I'm wondering how I tell the machine I've set the tooling at an angle other than 'straight' down?

    Or do I not even need to do so provided I build my pocket (I'd be doing pockets with it) at the proper angle? I'm looking (for starters) to put a pocket on a 45 degree cut, which I will eventually also have to do with the swivel tool set at 45 degrees.

    Looking for any input at all please.

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    I am not familiar with your machine. However I do have a Flex5 aggregate that we use on our BAZ. I think all you need to do is have the correct information drawn in your mpr along with correct tool. Here is a sample mpr using the saw blade in our Flex5 aggregate. Good Luck



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      Thank you so much for the mpr. They always help!

      It is starting to appear that my machine is missing the techno macro to run the tool due to an incomplete upgrade from Homag.

      Would you be able to share your tool database info for the flex5?