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I am a very beginner but I am looking for a way to create a DXF with layer information that contains geometry information such as circles, lines, and pockets.

My client is using BHT500, BHX 200 Homag machines in its production plants.

Currently, they are using Creo CAD for their furniture design and want to create an automation process by creating G-code from Design to Manufacturing.

In order to do this, I think the assumed scenario is,
1. the 2D data(DXF) that is created from Creo CAD is imported into AutoCAD.

2. in AutoCAD, Layers has to be created by using LISP automatically based on the layer rules from Woodwop for tools settings

3. In AutoCAD, specific geometries that need to be machined have to be assigned to specific layers to be recognized for cutting areas

3. In AutoCAD, Blocks for matching pockets have to be created and assigned to specific layers for pocket machining works.
4. And then the final DXF with layers will be converted to MPR by using DXF to MPR converter program.

5. If the MPR files can be imported successfully in Woodwop, then NC data will be created successfully.

I need help from an expert who may know about what I mentioned above.
please let me know my assumption is right or not, if not, then please let me know the right direction.